Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coconut Peet's by Heather Randall

It’s been an exciting summer for Rerip’s team on many fronts. We’ve had the exciting opportunity to cross paths with a gentlemen by the name of Billy Burns, who very much thrives in the same sustainable practices as Rerip promotes. Mr. Burns is an entrepreneur at heart, and has been able to take his love of surfing and environmental awareness, and merge the two. Billy had always wished to have his own business, but wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do.

One day, he met a surfer out in the water named Nick Abaritis. The two men quickly realized they had similar goals with their love of surfing, as well as a concern for the environment. Nick already had a successful history of repairing surf boards having worked for the industry giant, Rusty Surf boards. Nick was an ideal person for Billy to partner up with. The two meshed their skill sets and founded Coconut Peet’s in May of 2009. There is no board these two will turn away. With a mutually strong dedication to keeping as many boards out of the landfills and ripping waves as possible, Billy and Nick find themselves in a unique position to not only make money doing what they love, but also spreading awareness in the industry, and saving all who work with them, a grip of money. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Nick and Billy’s work load soon afforded them the opportunity to bring on one more member of the team. They met, and brought on fellow ocean lover, and surfer named Juan Avellaneda. For now, the 3 of them man their nearly half city block of work and storage space in Point Loma. It’s an ideal location with Ocean Beach’s breaks blocks away, there is constant traffic passing by their store front on Voltaire street. With dreams of going nowhere but up, Coconut Peet’s is sure to become a prominent influence both among surfers and environmentalists alike. Rerip is looking forward to exciting partnership opportunities that lie ahead.


  1. Coconut Peet's now has a website available:
    For more information visit the homepage