Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just met with Ed Lewis from the Leucadia Project and he inspired me to "keep the blogging going". It has been a while and there are new events, projects and updates that we are excited to share.

Ed and I discussed his cool new bodysurfing boards made from discarded old surfboards, and how much fun he is having on these new boards. They are beautiful, and Ed's buddies are watching him catch some of the best waves they have ever seen him catch. How cool would it be to have these boards reshaped by the shaper who made the original board? he asked. Rerip is starting to save locally shaped boards for this project. If you would like your old or broken board turned into one of these to enjoy, please contact us or Ed.

The conversation led to how we were more inspired by our neighbor's surfing, projects and ideas expressed through their blogs, than what's in the mags. If only there was a way for these creative people to make money off of sharing their thoughts and expertise. A great idea and a great conversation with a talented mind.


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