Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jordan and his many boards

Rerip sells and gives boards to a lot of different artists. Brenda and Wade and Steve and Jane and Gavin have all rummaged through the pile and turned gross boards into works of art. Jordan Ellingson, though, utilizes the Rerip reuse program like no one else.

Not only does he paint...check out his stuff...but he buys, trades, and sells boards to us weekly. He bought two boards a few months ago, surfed them, returned them, picked up a few more, surfed them, returned them and now has a new one I hope will work out. Jordan rips, and is a little hard on boards, but we don't mind taking them back, as there are wonderful artists who can turn them into something new. If Rerip was a steam engine, Jordan is throwing the coal. Thanks, Jordan. Much love.

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